Josh Rix

Gatorade Series 2007-08 Race 1

November 2007

Hey Antho,

Here's the word on yesterday's first race of the Gatorade series.

After spending a long, cold winter we all fronted for round 1 of the series at St Kilda, with a perfect weather forecast and a flat fast course eagerly anticipated. Unfortunately the conditions that we woke to were not quite what the weatherman had said. With 30mins before start a lightening bolt ripped the morning open and there was the potential for the swim leg to be cancelled.

Nonetheless the Supersprint Team had everything moving along and the race started as scheduled.

In our open wave the swim was frantically fast as Jamie Rhodes and Adam Beckworth tried to break away from the rest of us. I was chasing hard and knew that I would have Craig and Kristian right behind me and with the windy conditions a small group in front wouldn't hold us off. I exited the water 4th with a string a guys behind me. We hit the bike and Kris, Craig, Jamie Hugget and myself formed a chase group with our sights set on the 3 up the road. The extreme windy conditions made for some crazy cycling and for the first 5 km we didn't really get to draft that much as we were blown around by the wind and there was potential for a crash so we kept apart a bit. As we were within a kilometre from transition 2 we caught 2 of the leaders but Jamie Rhodes had ridden super strong and had a 20sec lead going into the run.

Craig, Jamie H and I took off with a roaring tailwind and bolted thru the first section. Chasing the leader we all were surging and pushing the pace but when we turned for home and the headwind hit us, I decided to save some energy and let the young gun Jamie do most of the work running into the wind since he had beaten me last week and I was determined to even the score. We caught Rhodesy at the 4km mark and the pace kept lifting and lifting. When we hit the final 400m I gave it an all out surge and was able to pull away from the others and take the victory.

Many thanks to all the supporters on the day especially Antho and Dave@ cbd cycles, the Giant crew, Oakley, 2XU and Engine Eyewear. See you at the next race.